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LADUSA.comwas created because of the need to show support for the thousands men and woman that maintain and build the electrical backbone of this great country in sometimes hazardous and dangerous conditions. Line workers risk their life and limb daily to ensure that we have the luxury of electricity 24-7. 

Friends and family of Line Workers understand that this is a profession that many times goes under appreciated. These workers must leave their families at a moments notice, in order to be the first responders to sometimes catastrophic events. A wife of such lineworker lobbied the government of the state of Florida and eventually "Lineworker Appreciation Day." Was born.

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2013 SUsan G Komen 5k run/walk

Join Team Lad, for the 2013 Susan G. Komen 5k Run/Walk on October 19th 2013 in Downtown Miami. Click on READ MORE to see our 2013 Team members for the run/walk.


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